Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee
We provide not only our products(Display Counter, Data-Capture & Display System), but also help you to solve system complicacy problem between display hardware and software.
Production Display Counter

   Production Display Counter is use for the production line in the factories to motivate operator working. It show to operators with what speed production status. also show how many units has already done or how many behind the schedule, output can be measured accurately.

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 Indicator Remote Display
     Indicator Remote Display will help you enlarge the display form your Weighing Indicator through the RS-232 communication interface.
 Data Capture & Display System

         Data-Capture & Display System which is design for the Directors and Management level staff, it makes an easy way to prepare the Daily in Report and Monthly Report by using our standard software, report and data the firrm can be generated.

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 Universal Printer & Display
     MTech Universal Printer & Display is designed major use in Weighing Indicator Remote Display. The Universal Printer support over 30 types of indicator's data format. We can customize your own receipt format!
LCD Display    Latest!!

   MTech LCD Display is a multi-functional purpose display. The application can be use in:

  - Data Terminal
  - LCD Remote Display
  - Barcode Capture System
  - Production Display Counter


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